"Play is training for the unexpected."
Marc Bekoff,  Contemporary American Biologist



For Teens:

1)  Build self esteem
2)  Learn to express feelings in a constructive manner
3)  Improve body image
4)  Create healthy friendships
5)  Improve relationship with parents
6)  Reduce anxiety and depression

For Individuals:

1)  Create the life you want to live
2)  Connect with spontaneous, playful self
Acquire skills to decrease stress
4)  Build trust in self and others
5)  Increase focus to accomplish goals
6)  Restore a sense of well-being

For Parents:

1)  Improve communication with children and teens
2)  Manage stress
3)  Learn to work as a team
4)  Strengthen ability to set boundaries and follow through
     with consequences

For Couples and Families:

1)  Work as a team
2)  Build communication skills
3)  Cultivate intimacy and trust
4)  Learn to play together

For Businesses:

1)  Strengthen customer service skills and increase
     percentage of return customers
2)  Learn effective problem solving techniques
3)  Create a more dynamic work environment
that will improve employee morale
4)  Teach stress management and decrease 
5)  Construct a collaborative atmosphere









"I never knew how to protect myself and
not let things that someone may tell
me hurt me. The information on boundaries was a
big eye opener."
T.W. Santa Fe

M.A., LPCC, Certified Gestalt Therapist



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