"The opposite of play is not work. 
Itís depression."
Brian Sutton-Smith, Folklorist



Building a Relationship with Your
INNER Teenager
Workshop for Adults in Santa Fe, NM
(CEU credits provided to NM licensed counseling and therapy professionals.)

Most of us have heard about or worked with our inner child. In counseling of adult clients, an often overlooked developmental stage is adolescence. We all have inner teenagers that get into the driverís seat of our lives and take us down roads that are sometimes unsafe and painful. Our positive relationship to our inner teenager is crucial for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Over a period of six months we will explore and learn to identify how our inner teens express themselves, how to recognize when our inner teen is in the driverís seat, how they have an impact on our lives in the areas of money, body image, sexuality, work in the world, relationships, etc.

We will also learn how to utilize our inner teenís strength and how to have fun with them. At last, the part of us we were most afraid of could be our best friend.

Jan 19 - Feb 16 - Mar 16 - Apr 20 - May 18 - June 15, 2013

10 AM Ė 4 PM (Bring Brown Bag Lunch)

Early Bird Special $ 480.00 due 12/31/12 ($80 per Saturday)
Regular Fee $ 540.00 after 12/31/12 ($90 per Saturday)
CEU Credits Desired


Refund Policy:

From the date of enrollment, participant is given a three business day grace period to receive a full refund (prior to commencement of the workshop). After the three-day grace period but prior to the beginning of the workshop, a participant may withdraw from enrollment upon receipt of a written statement of withdrawal given to the workshop provider.  A cancellation fee of 5% will be applied at that time.
A participant may withdraw after workshop begins, effective upon a written statement of withdrawal. Refunds will be applied as follows:

  • Cancellation on 1st day of workshop  - Provider is entitled to 10% of workshop fee + 5% cancellation fee + taxes due
  • Cancellation on 2nd day of workshop - Provider is entitled to 25% of workshop fee + 5% cancellation fee + taxes due
  • Cancellation on 3rd day of workshop - Provider is entitled to 50% of workshop fee + 5% cancellation fee + taxes due
  • Cancellation after 3rd day of workshop - Provider is entitled to 100% of workshop fee, no refunds will be issued.

Play Facilitator

Deb supports individuals in discovering and developing a relationship with their inner teenager, which creates a more rich and meaningful connection with themselves as well as understanding and utilizing their potential.

Participants will set out on an adventure to find, befriend, and integrate the many aspects of their inner teenager.

Deb is your encouraging guide, whose own life experience and professional skill has given her the foundation to go into unexplored and often intimidating territory.

Call 505.500.6187
or email Deb@playyourselfwell.com










M.A., LPCC, Certified Gestalt Therapist



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