"The opposite of play is not work. 
Itís depression."
Brian Sutton-Smith, Folklorist





Private Practice:
  Individuals (ages 10 and above), Couples, Families

$25.00 Hour

Appointments are by telephone, Skype, or Zoom

Payments are through Paypal

Contact Information:

Email: dhbusybee@msn



Deb is a highly skilled, deeply caring, professional therapist. She is passionate and energetic about what she does. As a person with a trauma history, working with Deb has been a life-changing experience. Deb worked with me to help calm the emotional flooding that occurred when I first began in the therapeutic space. Other therapists I had worked with had encouraged me to retell my trauma story over and over. I was left feeling traumatized in the therapeutic space. Deb helped me to soothe and regulate my body through the use of play in sand. She helped me trust myself and my psyche choosing images that could tell parts of my trauma story that were ready to emerge and wanted to be healed. Deb journeyed with me and gently helped me to identify and challenge distorted thoughts, encouraged me to feel and sense through my body and placed attention on my inner strength and resources. I feel lucky and grateful to have worked with Deb. I feel more integrated  and whole today because of the work I did with her. 

~EC, Santa Fe, NM 5/11/14












M.A., LPCC, Certified Gestalt Therapist



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