Play Yourself Well - Deb Heikes


"We all need empty hours in our lives or we will have no time to create or dream."   Robert Coles, Child Psychologist




Deborah Heikes brings to her clients a fresh and vital
approach to counseling, challenging the often held belief
that to change and attain overall well-being, the journey
must be hard and difficult work.  Play as a therapeutic


modality creates a sense of safety and healthy
distance from issues and concerns, allowing a client
to step back from an outdated
  perspective of a
problem and explore other possibilities and viewpoints. 
Using play, enthusiasm and curiosity as her central focus,
Deborah invites her clients to approach parts of themselves
they have kept in the shadows. Clients set out on an
adventure to find, befriend and integrate the many aspects
of themselves.  Deborah acts as the encouraging guide
whose own life experience and professional skill has given her
the foundation to go into unexplored and often intimidating territory.

Deborah deepest interest is to instill in those she works
with a sense of life as a playground, ready and waiting to
bring back the vitality and adventurous spirit of our authentic selves.


"Life offers an invitation for us to rise each day, see the playfulness it holds, and embrace our capacity to engage it."

M.A., LPCC, Certified Gestalt Therapist



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